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It’s time to reinvent your development approach and embrace the agile and scalable nature of microservices.
Feeling overwhelmed? With Tikal’s detailed course and close guidance, this transition will be easy. Prepare to boost innovation, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency while your team learns from the experts — all without leaving the office.

Building with Microservices:
Your Course to Advanced
Software Design

Tikal’s Microservices Course is designed to lead your team to a successful implementation of microservices architecture. Dive deep into the deployment, communication, and decomposition, with detailed sessions covering every essential aspect, from introduction to security.

Our tailor-made course fits perfectly with your team’s schedule, providing you with the knowledge to smoothly transition into the microservices environment. 

The course will be held on-site at the client's location. Additionally, we offer
the flexibility of remote sessions to accommodate your needs.


Duration: 4 days, 6-9 hours each

The Course Covers

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Session 1: Introduction

  • Defining microservice architecture

  • Understanding the pitfalls of microservice architecture

Session 2: Deployment

  • Single/Multiple services per host

  • Serverless deployment & service deployment platforms

Session 3: Decomposition

  • Strategies for effective decomposition: By business capability, subdomain, and more

  • Aligning services with teams for optimized operations

Session 4: Observability

  • Implementing application metrics and health checks

  • Gaining insights through distributed tracing, exception and audit logging

Session 5: Testing

  • Service integration and component tests

  • Understanding consumer-driven and consumer-side contract tests

Session 6: Cross-Cutting Concern

  • Exploring externalized configurations, shared libraries, and schemas

  • Ensuring security through access tokens and other means

Session 7: Data

  • Database per service

  • Shared database

  • Saga Pattern

  • API Composition

  • CQRS

  • Domain event

  • Event sourcing

Session 8: Communication

  • Leveraging Circuit Breaker and API Gateway

  • Discovery techniques: Client-side and server-side

  • Mastering service registry and style adaptations: Messaging/Async, Sync, and RMI

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The Course Will Enable Your Team To: 

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Understand the logic behind microservice architecture

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Learn about different available communication styles and techniques

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Achieve observability via tracing, monitoring, and logging

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Manage data effectively in a microservices environment

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Implement the microservices and distributed architectures

Your Team Benefits

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Enhance your team's understanding and implementation of microservices

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Enhance data management and security in your current
or upcoming

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Boost innovation and agility through adept microservice strategies

Enrich & Excel

Take the next step towards operational excellence.

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