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Kafka Unleashed: Your Practical Course to Apache Kafka

Not sure if or how to use Kafka in your architecture?
Want to learn more about available Kafka design methods and how they can best serve your application? Tikal’s course will teach your engineering team the best paths for real-time streaming of data pipelines and applications, forming the ideal blend of theory and practical learning. Give your team a hands-on, detailed understanding of Kafka’s essentials with Tikal’s expert guidance.

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This Kafka Course was created by tech experts for tech experts. It will 
amplify your team’s skills with in-depth knowledge of Kafka’s functionalities and applications. From understanding the basics to getting your hands dirty with Kafka in Python, this course covers all the bases. 

The course will be held on-site at the client's location. Additionally,
we offer the flexibility of remote sessions to accommodate your needs.


Duration: 2 days, 6-9 hours each

The Course Covers

Day 1

Day 2

Part 1

  • Understanding the notion of Kafka and its importance

  • Kafka fundamentals: Brokers, topics, partitions, and more

  • Hands-on experience with deployment, basic configuration, and topic creation

Part 2

  • Data organization and management (partitions, offsets, zookeeper, and more)

  • Understanding producer partition keys and commit

  • Working with consumers and consumer groups

  • Practical learning with simple producers and consumers

Part 1

  • Hands-on learning with Kafka in Python using the Confluent SDK

Part 2

  • An overview of Kafka Connect, KSQL, Kafka Streams, and Schema registry 

  • Discovering the right Kafka method for your needs and exploring alternatives

  • A session of Q&A to address all your queries

  • Summing up

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Your Team Benefits



Gain a deep understanding of Kafka under tech expert guidance



Enjoy a balanced approach with both theoretical and practical learning sessions



Engage in a learning experience tailored to your team's needs

Ready to Develop Your Team’s Kafka Expertise?

Your team’s journey towards becoming a Kafka experts starts here. Let’s talk!

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