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It’s goodbye lengthy team-building process - 

and hello to tech expert scale-up

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Tikal is a leading hands-on tech consultancy, providing solutions for tech companies around the world with top Israeli developers.

World class R&D teams who choose Tikal:


Our proven method

We’re all about hands-on tech consultancy that empowers companies to execute plans and achieve goals. How it’s done?

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We have a squad of experts in all top development fields: Backend, Frontend, Mobile, DevOps, and Machine Learning. Through short and  long-term agreements, our experts become an integral part of your team and bring immediate tech impact and scale up your business.

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From highly effective individuals to complete, synchronized teams, we’ll find the tech experts you need to succeed. Our experts deliver the know-how, leadership, and dedication your company deserves.

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Conquer any technological challenge and unlock the full potential of your business, without the hassle of lengthy and tiresome onboarding and team-building processes.

The Tikal way


Tikal’s Tech Radar

Our comprehensive, data-driven map of cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends has been crafted to ensure that R&D teams stay well-informed about the most crucial technological advancements and market needs.


Expert Empowerment

We consistently encourage Tikal's tech experts to learn and evolve, maintaining a fresh perspective and cultivating long-term loyalty.


Personal Roadmaps

We ensure that Tikal's experts stay updated on the latest innovative technologies by creating a customized roadmap that aligns perfectly with their unique professional journey.


Always up to date

Your company reaps the advantages of having constantly updated experts without the need to set resources toward market research or employee development.

You’ll get


Broad understanding of state-of-the-art technologies


Immediate, results-driven impact


Empowering tech leadership integrated within your team


Lasting dedication and commitment from our experts

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