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Face Your Tech Challenges and Scale

Tikal's leading senior developers join your dev teams today, for long term assignments


Our Domains of Expertise

Tikal is a leading hands-on tech consultancy, providing solutions for tech companies around the world with top Israeli talent, for long term assignments in the following domains:





Machine Learning

Why work with Tikal

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Long term stability

When working with other service providers you get no guarantee or assurance. Tikal offers effective long-term solution. You can rest assured that our interests are aligned - your success is our success. We are in for a marathon.

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Senior Israeli Tech Experts

With over 21 years of experience at the booming Israeli tech scene, Tikal’s success is mainly due to its brand promise: We hire senior developers and keep them up to date with a personal technology roadmap, so you get vetted professionals to help you tackle any challenge.

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Speedy Ramp-up

You must scale fast and have no time to train or teach. That's why you need to bring on board senior developers who are hands-on and experienced, so you can focus on what matters and avoid wasting precious time.

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Daily Control Over the Development Process

You’ll be able to work with our developers as if they were your own. Meaning you will interact with them daily and make sure your development process is on track.

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Scale Up Faster - Individuals or Teams

Finding skilled developers is time consuming and costly, not to mention hiring a whole team of them. Now you can meet any complex challenge faster and boost your development with an experienced developer or an entire team of experts. ​

World class R&D teams who choose Tikal:

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Kiryat Atidim, Building 7, 3rd Floor POB 58269, Tel Aviv 6158102, Israel

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