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Your Course for Excellence: Dive Deep into Software Design Patterns with Tikal

Developers, elevate your coding capabilities and
gain a rich understanding of software design patterns. If your team has basic knowledge in Object Oriented Programming, covering notions like inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism, our course will help them become fluent in crafting solutions that are both scalable and maintainable. The course is built to fit your team's current skills, schedule, and goals.


Join us for the comprehensive Software Design Patterns Course. 
With deep dives into creational, behavioral, and structural patterns, your team will unlock new dimensions in object-oriented (OO) analysis and design.

The patterns are relevant to use cases beyond Object-Oriented Programming, offering solutions for common engineering problems and the option to be adjusted for functional programming.

The course will be held on-site at the client's location. Additionally,
we offer the flexibility of remote sessions to accommodate your needs.


Duration: 3 days, 6-9 hours each

The Course Covers

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Creational Design Patterns

  • Crafting objects efficiently using patterns.

    • Factory

    • Builder

    • Singleton

    • Dependency Injection

    • Lazy Initialization

    • Object Pool

Behavioral Design Patterns

  • Facilitating seamless object interactions through patterns.

    • Chain of Responsibility

    • Command

    • Interpreter

    • Iterator

    • Mediator

Structural Design Patterns

  • Leveraging class structure patterns

    • Inheritance

    • Composition

    • Adapter

    • Bridge

    • Composite

    • Decorator

    • Façade

    • Proxy

Additional Topic: Architectural Design Patterns

  • Exploring repeatable designs for common situations (If time permits).

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Your Team Benefits



Master the art of software design with Tikal’s Experts



Engage in a learning experience tailored to your team's needs



Enjoy a balanced approach with both theoretical and practical learning sessions

Ready to enhance your team's skills? Reach out now.

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