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The ABCDs of Argo CD: Tikal’s Complete Course to Mastering Kubernetes Deployment

It’s time to make Kubernetes really work for you with Argo CD. This comprehensive Tikal course will take your team's ability to manage applications with precision and efficiency to new heights. Argo CD, known for its GitOps approach, ensures that your Kubernetes deployments consistently align with the defined state in your Git repositories. It automates the application deployment and lifecycle management procedures, making them easy to audit and comprehend. 


Join us for an in-depth, hands-on course that simplifies Argo CD and GitOps, turning vague concepts into actionable steps. This course was built with tech teams in mind, giving tools to those looking to streamline the Kubernetes application management and deployment process.


The course will be held on-site at your preferred location. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of remote sessions to accommodate your needs.


Duration: 1 day, 6 hours

The Course Covers

First Session (1.5 hours):

  • Understanding GitOps: An introduction to the GitOps methodology and its significance.

  • The Role of Argo CD: The impact of Argo CD implementation before and after integration.

  • Argo CD Concepts: The workings of Argo CD, including its core principles and functionalities.

  • Getting Started with Argo CD: Hands-on introduction to the installation, usage, and management procedures.

First Hands-On (1.5 hours):

  • Installing Argo CD: Step-by-step guidance on setting up Argo CD using Helm.

  • Configuration and Access: Configure the base values and access the Argo CD UI.

  • Practical Application: Create applications, manage synchronization, add repositories, and explore the Argo CD UI features

Second Session (1.5 hours):

  • Session Recap: A brief overview and recap of the previous session’s key points.

    • Deployment Strategies in Depth:

    • App of Apps: Understanding the mechanism, implementation, and use-case scenarios.

    • ApplicationSet: Exploring its functionality, generators, and the various types available.

  • Strategic Differences: Comparing and contrasting the different deployment strategies.

  • Introduction to Argo CD CLI: Discover the various capabilities and implementations. 

Second Hands-On (1.5 hours):

  • Baseline Verification: Review and confirm the foundational setup established in the previous session.

  • Argo CD CLI Installation: Covering the installation process of Argo CD CL, step by step.

  • Creating 'App-of-Apps': Utilize the Argo CD UI for creating and managing 'app-of-apps,' including action triggering and synchronization.

  • Implementing Application Sets: Hands-on experience with application sets using Argo CD CLI, focusing on synchronization processes and exploring updates and modifications.

  • Deployment Strategies: In-depth exploration of different deployment strategies using the Argo CD CLI and UI.

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Your Team Benefits



Streamline Kubernetes deployments with the power of Argo CD



Experience real-life scenarios and practical usage



Master GitOps and enhance your Kubernetes management skills

Start your Argo CD journey with Tikal’s expert-led course.

Ready to Transform Your Kubernetes Management?

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