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Seniors, It’s Time to Tech the Lead

Join Tikal’s Senior to Tech Lead Career Journey




Career Journey opens the door to senior candidates looking to advance their careers to the next level.

Adopting a new title is easy, but truly leading development procedures takes talent, time, and dedication. It involves both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Learn how to make the strongest impact in Tech Lead roles with the close guidance, broad perspective, and professional experience of Tikal’s I:Tech:Lead Career Journey. Join a practical path that combines in-depth studies with leadership tasks working with various Tikal clients.

I:Tech:Lead typically reserved for Tikal team members exclusively, offering a rare opportunity for senior devs outside the company to join Tikal’s team and this exclusive career path. 


How It Works

The program includes 14 weekly sessions that take place alongside your hands-on work tasks, focusing on the following elements:

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Part 1: I

Let’s talk about you — your expertise, goals, and talent. Find your unique story and value as a programmer, develop your presentation skills and self-management capabilities, and build a personal growth roadmap. 

Part 2: Tech

Become a better software architect by embracing a wide variety of methodologies and combining them with high-level design skills.

Part 3: Lead

Master the principles of influence without authority and learn to effectively lead and motivate people without managing them.


Who Can Join The
:Tech:Lead Career Journey?

The career journey is meant for senior developers specializing in DevOps and Backend.
If you’re passionate about tech leading and influe
ncing while working hands-on, apply for Tikal’s I:Tech:Lead career journey. We’ll review your submission and be in touch. 

Our career journey is your next step. 

Join Tikal and The I:Tech:Lead career journey
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