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Does your tech team lack specific expertise?

Need to scale your R&D right now?

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Our Proven Method

Tikal is a leading hands-on tech consultancy empowering companies to achieve their goals.

We employ top-tier tech experts specializing in leading fields like Backend, Frontend, Mobile, DevOps, Machine Learning, and more.


The Tikal Way

  • Tikal’s Tech Radar, our map of the latest technologies and trends, keeps R&D teams focused on the most critical tech innovations and market demands.

  • Our tailored personal roadmaps keep Tikal’s experts updated on the latest innovative technologies. 

  • We empower Tikal’s experts to learn and evolve, maintaining a fresh perspective and long-term loyalty. 

  • Your business enjoys all the benefits without having to invest resources in market research or employee development. 


Your Gain


In-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies


Immediate task-oriented impact


Influential tech leadership as integral part of your team


Dedication and commitment

Your Move

Contact us to scale up your business immediately. 
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