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Procamp for Backend Engineers

Take your tech career to the next level


About The Program

The Procamp program is a career journey for developers, designed to upskill software development methods & practices.

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4 weeks of training

This intense training program is designed to take you from task-oriented to an advanced full-cycle developer with a high-level point-of-view of the application and architecture.

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6-8 months assignment

Together with your Procamp teammates, accompanied by your mentor, you will put the skills you've learned into practice, working on a long-term assignment for one of Tikal’s industry-leading clients.

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Personal roadmap

After your first assignment, you will keep working on your personal roadmap with your mentor and join a new client on your own.


The Procamp program offers the perfect balance between learning and developing your skills, with lots of hands-on. You’ll be working together with TIkal’s experts to tackle and solve complex real-world problems.

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Tikal's Pro Camp was the best thing that I could have asked for as my starting point for my DevOps career path. I got to learn a lot from Itai, our mentor, working with him on a daily basis had a huge impact on my skills.

Every week we focused on different topics and drilled into them. We had a theoretical explanation and a lot of hands-on tasks. On top of that we had 'shadowing' sessions, where other experts showed us their code, explained the difficulties that they encountered and how they overcame them.
I feel like the program exponentially uplifted my skills. Basically, we all got a few months-worth of experience and knowledge, all in one month.


Guy Saar

DevOps Engineer @ Tikal


Essential Skills to join the program

  • Do you have 1-2 years of programming experience with Java/Python/Node.js or C#?

  • Eat, live and breathe technology? 

  • Have a wide industry perceptive and understand the why not just the how? 

The Application Process

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We will review your submission

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You’ll do a technical exam

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If you’re a good fit, we’ll invite you to an interview

Ready to join the Procamp and continue your tech journey?

If you think you have what it takes, apply now, and maybe you’ll find yourself working alongside some of the world’s best teams!

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What you’ll learn 

Python Language and Server Frameworks

  • Python

  • Flask

  • FastAPI

  • Advanced Topics

Deployment & Runtime

  • Docker

  • K8s

Cloud Computing Tools

  • AWS


  • PostgreSQL

  • Elastic Search


  • Concept

  • Communication (Rest, MQ)

  • Do’s and Don’ts


  • Code Review Mindset

  • Shadowing Sessions

  • Self Management

Message Queues

  • Kafka


  • Async Programming

  • Functional Programming

  • OOP

Habits and Culture

  • Git

  • Testing

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