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DevOps, Your Professional Development Isn’t a Nice-To-Have

DevOps experts have so much untapped potential. Here’s how the 80/20 rule can unleash it.


The unbearable gap between intention and practice

If you’re a DevOps pro, chances are you face multiple obstacles preventing you from upskilling, with barriers like limited time and low priority from leadership topping the list. Acquiring development capabilities is the best next step for seniors in your field, but stepping away from the daily tasks to learn new skills is a challenge. 

Many organizations have the best intentions, with more than 70% of tech leaders wishing to upskill their tech teams. But wanting and doing are two very different things, especially in today’s business climate. Devoting time and resources to employee training isn’t always an easy choice. 


What’s needed is a professional development roadmap that fits your busy schedules and promotes everyone’s goals.

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Tikal’s unique 80/20 strategy is the answer. 

The famous Pareto principle, AKA the 80/20 rule, is all about generating 80% of the impact by focusing on the most meaningful 20% of the task. Implementing this rule in your career can do wonders for your professional development journey.


Tikal’s upskilling roadmaps offer proven results and are designed to dedicate 80% of the time to advancing company goals and 20% to employees’ careers.

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Add these skills to the mix

And more.

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Essential elements in GoLang, Syntax, and Linting 

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Concurrency implementation and coding

Asset 1_4x.png

Kubernetes implementation using Go

Asset 1_4x.png

K8s operators

Looking to boost your DevOps experts’ skills in other areas? Tikal will customize a roadmap just for you. 

If your organization has a personal development mindset

Tikal’s 80/20 roadmap can help you turn it into reality.

You’ll work closely with a mentor, meeting once a week for a day of learning and hands-on training for 3 months based on your company and career goals.

If your organization doesn’t have such a mindset?

Perhaps it’s time to move on. Join Tikal’s DevOps group, build your own development roadmap, and devote one day a week to learning and training with your personal mentor for six months.

  • Join a team of top experts: Work with the best of the best, help companies advance their goals, and enjoy a personal professional development roadmap, knowledge sharing with other experts, and a supportive community. 

  • Add relevant industry skills: Master trending technologies and up-to-date capabilities and evolve alongside the competitive tech industry. 

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You’d make a great fit for Tikal’s DevOps group if you’re:

  • An experienced DevOps Engineer.

  • An autodidact, problem-solver, initiator.

  • Fluent in IaaS and PaaS-based solutions and IAC.

  • Familiar with Kubernetes & CNCF solutions.

  • Passionate about technology.

  • Eager to be a tech influencer.


I want to bring Tikal to my organization!

I want to join Tikal!

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