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Backend Pros, Don’t Put Your Career on the Back Burner

Machine Learning is transforming entire industries. Now, it’s time for Tikal’s 80/20 roadmap to transform your career.


As a senior Backend dev, you already know how quickly the tech world evolves. Keeping up by acquiring new skills is crucial for your job security and fulfillment, but that’s often easier said than done. Studies show that only 31% of developers are able to devote time to upskilling at work.


When it comes to choosing an area of expertise worth exploring, the dilemma is much easier to solve. 82% of companies need employees with machine learning skills, and 73% of business leaders view this field as the key to enhanced productivity. 


But can you overcome the unbearable gap between the desire to master machine learning skills and the struggle to find time and get organizations’ support?

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Tikal’s unique 80/20 strategy is the answer. 

The famous Pareto principle, AKA the 80/20 rule, is all about generating 80% of the impact by focusing on the most meaningful 20% of the task. Implementing this rule in your career can do wonders for your professional development journey. 


Tikal’s upskilling roadmaps offer proven results and are designed to dedicate 80% of the time to advancing company goals and 20% to employees’ careers. 


Add these skills to the mix

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Intro to Machine Learning engineering

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Popular Libraries

Asset 1_4x.png

ML Models 101


Asset 1_4x.png

ML Artifacts

Asset 1_4x.png

ML types - supervised vs. unsupervised models

Asset 1_4x.png


Asset 1_4x.png

ML Models 101

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And more.....

Looking to boost your Backend experts’ skills in other areas? Tikal will customize a roadmap just for you.

If your organization has a personal development mindset

Tikal’s 80/20 roadmap can help you turn it into reality.

You’ll work closely with a mentor, meeting once a week for a day of learning and hands-on training for 3 months based on your company and career goals.

If your organization doesn’t have such a mindset?

Perhaps it’s time to move on. Join Tikal’s DevOps group, build your own development roadmap, and devote one day a week to learning and training with your personal mentor for six months.

  • Join a team of top experts: Work with the best of the best, help companies advance their goals, and enjoy a personal professional development roadmap, knowledge sharing with other experts, and a supportive community. 

  • Add relevant industry skills: Master trending technologies and up-to-date capabilities and evolve alongside the competitive tech industry. 

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You’d make a great fit for Tikal’s Backend group if you’re:

  • A seasoned Backend/Data Engineer with at least 5 years of experience.

  • Experienced in working with Data technologies - SQL and others.

  • Skilled in coding (Python - a plus).

  • Experienced in Distributed Techniques (Microservices, Reactive Programming, Distributed Processing, Messaging).

  • Experienced in Cloud Services (AWS, OpenStack, GCP, or Azure).


I want to bring Tikal to my organization!

I want to join Tikal!

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