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Upskill the Dev in DevOps

Career Journey program for Seniors

Next program starts July 31st!


Sharpen your engineering skills while earning a full-time salary, starting with one week of intensive  training (learning from the best), followed by 7 months- 80% on the job,

20%- keep upskilling.

Today more than ever DevOps professionals must have engineering capabilities in order to stand out and become influencing professionals.
Upskill the Dev in DevOps program is a career journey for senior DevOps professionals, designed to upskill software development methods & practices, and add engineering skills to your DevOps capabilities.

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Based on our 20+ years in the tech industry we have developed the roadmap for Individual Contributors, we identified this trend as what we have been practicing all along. 

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Senior DevOps engineers who want  to take their career to the next level.

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Joining Tikal’s DevOps group, and being a part of our unique program.
Starting with one week training & hands-on practice, followed by 7 months of 80/20 (80- hands-on experience, 20-keep upskilling)

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Registration starts now!

Kick-off on July 31st.

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Let’s talk -


If you are...

  • A professional DevOps engineer

  • Ready for the next level of your career journey

  • Passionate about acquiring engineering skills

  • Willing to actively contribute to an open source project

  • Eager to put your professional development in the center



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Week 1

We will cover Golang as the dominant language in the DevOps domain, and will emphasize and implement using Cloud native Paradigms, Data Structures, Multithreading & Concurrency which are core requirements in modern distributed systems development. We will apply the knowledge we learned by initializing the kubernetes client while developing common k8s patterns such as event subscriptions, admission control, webhooks which are emerging into the standards of kubernetes based applications.

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7 months

Inspired by the 1 week program - kickoff we will establish an open source project implementing common use cases we've identified in the day2day cloud-native needs.

The program will continue with 1 day a week for 7 months to develop a Kubenretes Operator and Controller patterns lead by Daniel Rozner, DevOps Architect at Tikal, based on our internal Software Craftsmanship DevOps roadmap.

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