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Your Tech Impact Partner

Does your tech team lack specific expertise?

Need to scale your R&D right now? Looking for expert tech leadership?


Our Proven Method

Tikal is your hands-on tech consultancy partner for scaling and making a tech impact on your product's development.


We employ top-tier tech experts specializing in leading fields like Backend, Frontend, Mobile, DevOps, Machine Learning, and more.


Our experts deliver the know-how, leadership, and dedication your company deserves.


Through long-term agreements, we incorporate our experts within your existing team to offer immediate impact and scale up your business.


From highly effective individuals to complete, synchronized teams, we’ll find the tech experts you need to succeed


Successfully tackle any tech challenge without having to deal with long, tedious onboarding and team-building procedures.


Tikal’s Tech Leaders bring years of knowledge and expertise that help your team overcome hurdles and generate immediate impact in new fields.

Our Domain of Expertise

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The Backend & Data Group

Backend & Data Engineers specializing in:

  • JavaScript 

  • Go

  • High-scale systems

  • Mixed traffic

  • Demanding SLAs

  • The latest Big Data tech

  • Streaming Data

  • CEP

  • Airflow

  • Data Lake 

  • ElasticSearch 

  • GoLang

  • Kafka 

  • Spark 

  • Python 

  • JVM 

Machine Learning Engineers specializing in:

  • Production-grade infrastructure 

  • Model monitoring

  • Jupyter

  • Pandas

  • Scikit-Learn

  • TensorFlow

  • Python


The Tikal Way

  • Tikal’s Israeli Tech Radar, our map of the latest technologies and trends, keeps R&D teams focused on the most critical tech innovations and market demands.

  • Our tailored personal roadmaps keep Tikal’s experts updated on the latest innovative technologies. 

  • We empower Tikal’s experts to learn and evolve, maintaining a fresh perspective and long-term loyalty. 

  • Your business enjoys all the benefits without having to invest resources in market research or employee development. 

Your Gain


In-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies


Immediate task-oriented impact


Influential tech leadership as integral part of your team


Dedication and commitment


Your Move

Contact us to scale up your business immediately. 
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